JBF Ladies Belts
JBF Ceintures BV
has been dedicating itself to the manufacture of belts and accessories of leather and high quality synthetic materials since 1986.
The selection of the highest quality raw materials and designs, finished by the best craftspeople, makes JBF belts and accessories excellent quality products.
We export from our company wich is located in the south of the Netherlands to many European countries and to the United States of America.

We have about 60 people on our payroll in the Netherlands and at this moment about 20 in our factory in Tunesia, wich has been founded in 2007.

At this moment we have a production capacity of about 10.000 pieces a week wich easily can be increased due to the opening of our factory in Tunesia.

Our design-department creates and updated our models all year
JBF Ladies Belts
We also give you the possibility to realise your own ideas and designs. Of course on these own models exclusivity will be guaranteed.
We have no minimum order quantity We produce on behalf of retailers, department stores, brands and private labels.